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If you have a family matter that requires legal assistance, choosing the right lawyer gives you the best chance to obtain a positive result and the peace of mind you deserve. At Green Family Law, P.A. in Orlando, our attorneys have more than four decades of combined experience achieving successful outcomes for Central Florida clients. Whether you need assistance with a divorce, paternity dispute or custody matter, we provide the guidance you need to protect your legal rights and those of your children. Our representation is always based on delivering the best overall resolution for the men and women we represent. We focus on finding cost-effective means of resolving key issues, such as mediation and collaborative divorce. However, we are always prepared to engage in litigation to safeguard families and secure a better future for them.

Knowledgeable advocates handle a full range of divorce issues

We understand how overwhelming the end of a marriage can be. When you come to us for help with a divorce, we give you clear advice on all aspects of Florida matrimonial law, including:

  • Dissolution grounds — Florida is a no-fault divorce state where marriages are dissolved because they are irretrievably broken, unless mental incapacity is alleged. In some cases where a couple has no minor children, the divorce process can be simplified.
  • Equitable distribution — If the parties cannot agree how to divide their marital assets and debts, the court will do so by allocating property based on what it believes to be a fair split, though not necessarily an even one. Our firm conducts a thorough review and presents relevant evidence in support of an equitable result for our clients.
  • Alimony — Courts can award five types of alimony payments to meet the financial needs of spouses who are unable to support themselves adequately. Unless the union lasted at least 17 years, these payments are usually designed as temporary measures that enable a spouse to get back on their feet. We highlight key factors when advocating for clients, such as the earning ability of each spouse, the standard of living they are accustomed to, and the household contributions of each partner.
  • Child support — Parents are legally required to provide financial support to their minor children according to a formula set forth by the state. We help ensure that accurate information is used in these determinations.

Divorce is an emotionally trying experience, especially when you are uncertain about what is to come.

Skillful lawyers pursue fair time sharing arrangements

When parents of minor children divorce, nothing is more important than securing a safe, healthy environment for children and ensuring that they continue to maintain strong relationships with both parents whenever possible. Our firm understands that mothers and fathers might need to cooperate on child-rearing issues for many years after a breakup, so we look to establish fair custody and visitation agreements through consensus. If this cannot be achieved, Florida judges can look at a range of relevant factors when setting terms for time sharing arrangements and parenting plans. These factors can include parental fitness, educational opportunities, and the child’s emotional needs. We draft and negotiate detailed parenting plans so that disputes don’t arise later regarding shared-time arrangements.

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