About Collaborative Law

In the 1990’s, an alternative to the traditional court-based litigation system was started in Minnesota by attorney Stuart Webb. The process is called “Collaborative Law.” It quickly spread through the states and is now a popular model in Central Florida.

Collaborative Law is a desirable model for divorce, but is not for everyone. The firm’s members, Caryn Green and Kristin Coffey are trained in this process and can discuss whether this is a process that would benefit you and your family. In general, a Collaborative Divorce costs less money than traditional litigation, takes less time, and empowers the parties to control decision-making, preserving confidentiality, focusing on the welfare of the children and looking to the future.

In a Collaborative Divorce, each party selects a trained attorney (www.cfl-cfl.com). The parties and their lawyers sign a Participation Agreement after selecting a lawyer trained in Collaborative Law. This Agreement requires that they agree to work with each other, and each attorney will work with the other attorney to resolve the issues. There is an open exchange of information with the goal of reaching the best possible solution for you and your family. You have the support of your own attorney who is part of the Collaborative Team. In addition to the attorneys, the Collaborative Team consists of a neutral mental health professional and a neutral financial professional.

In the Collaborative process the parties pledge not to litigate in court. There will be no hearings, no depositions, and no motions to the court. The parties and the Collaborative Team meet in a series of sessions, identifying common goals, interests and ultimately, the spouses, with the assistance of the professionals, create an agreement that is fair to them without depleting all of the family’s resources on fees and other litigation costs.

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