About Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation is a confidential process in which a neutral third party works with the parties to reach a settlement. Our experienced family law attorneys assist you in the process as all cases must go through the mediation prior to being set for any hearing before a judge.

Although the mediator will discuss the relative merits of each party’s position or may even suggest various solutions, the mediator lacks the power to force a solution or decision — the parties themselves maintain the ultimate control over the settlement. Many cases do settle during mediation, with the parties being able to fashion an agreement which works best for their unique situation. When this agreement is reduced to writing and signed by both parties, it will be submitted to the Court for approval and will be enforceable.

Divorce Mediation is a cost effective way to finalize a family law matter and is often the last opportunity the parties will be afforded to have the final say in the outcome of their individual matter.

If you should have questions about mediation, we are here to discuss mediation for your divorce with you.

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