Anna Maria Davis is currently enrolled at the University of Miami as an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and minoring in Criminology. Anna Maria has participated in many clubs during her time at University of Miami. She holds executive board positions for the University of Miami Women’s club lacrosse team, Art of Healing Club that donates hand-written cards for children in the Niklaus Hospital and Ronald McDonald House, and for the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. Once she graduates, she plans on studying for the LSAT and acquiring a J.D. degree.

Anna Maria has always had a passion for learning about politics and law since she was young and plans on exploring different types of law during her college career. Though, she has had a passion to learn about family law due to her experiences working with children in the past and present. She wants to pursue law because she believes that it is an important practice of life that ensures the well-being of others by dedicating to serve justice and equality to each person.


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