Our team of attorneys is prepared to provide assistance to you and your family during this unprecedented time. As we navigate the current environment, we are prepared, having worked remotely in the past, whether from home, in mediations, depositions or in trials. We have the technology to provide teleconferencing services for consultations, client meetings, mediations, depositions and court proceedings. We know that family law issues often have immediate needs and we have the technology and team in place to continue to meet those needs.

We have multiple options for telephone and/or video consultations and will provide a link to allow for secure communication from your home. We are adaptable to your preferences. Following the consultation, we can prepare all necessary legal paperwork and, based on emergency orders from the Florida Supreme Court, we can even notarize documents remotely. Electronic filing has been the practice in Florida for several years so cases can begin and continue without an in person visit to the office or the courthouse. We are also providing mediation, parent coordination, Guardian ad Litem services and supervised telephonic/video visits.

This is a challenging time, but we can get through it together.

Please contact the office to set your consultation and discuss your options.