Taylor Bornstein is an undergraduate student at the University of Florida pursuing a dual degree in Political Science and Philosophy. Taylor’s resolute interest in the legal field first began at an early age when he saw how local political action made change in his hometown, observing a grassroots effort to replace the longest-serving mayor in America at the time. Throughout his time at the University of Florida, Taylor has enmeshed himself in the campus community, holding positions in the Judicial Branch of the UF Student Government, Thrive IFC which promotes mental health and wellbeing on campus, and in his fraternity. After graduating with his bachelor’s degree in 2024, he plans on seeking a J.D. degree.

Taylor is drawn to the practice of law because of the versatility a legal education provides, and the opportunities for positive change that come with a career in law. Taylor’s interest in family law stems from how crucial the attorney-client relationship is in the field; because of this, Green Family Law was an ideal environment for Taylor to grow in. The collegial and welcoming culture at Green Family Law has decisively furthered his professional development.


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